Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cleave unto his wife

A Man … Shall Cleave unto His Wife”:

The customs and life-style of people in the Old Testament often seem peculiar, and even harsh, to modern readers. But from examples found in that book of scripture, we still can learn much about proper relationships between husbands and wives and within families.
Old Testament stories illustrate well the point that everyone who comes into the gospel comes out of his or her own culture. This lesson is important in our day as the Church becomes established in nations with widely varying cultures and family traditions. With all this diversity, it is impossible to conclude that the gospel prescribes just one pattern of family life to suit all people in every culture and in every time. Certainly, gospel principles remain universal, but their application in various cultures may differ.
This is taken from the bible and from I really do believe this statement that was given from the church. There are so many family traditions in the world and when we get married we are trying to merge these too lives together. This could cause alot of problem within a marriage and families. 
We have to make sure we always put our spouses first over anyone and anything. It is important to keep traditions in our families but it is important to talk about new traditions to set. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Importance of Father

In this world there are a lot of perspectives that people have on fathers. A lot of the world and society grow up without a father in their life or do not have a father figure for their children. As I have been able to research more on the importance of fathers and that it is important that children and families have a father or father figure in their lives. There are a lot of emotional concepts that can effect children because the absence of fathers. I would like to address 5 concepts of why fathers are so important. The power of play, Encouraging risk, protective instincts, dad’s discipline, the fight of delinquency and teenage pregnancy are main important reasons I would like to address in this paper.
The power of play. Play is such an important part of children’s lives. If you take away play in a child’s life they are stuck with boring imagination and a sense of depression. Play is how children find who they are and what they enjoy doing. Father’s interaction they have with their children play a vital role in how the children view themselves. Fathers create a sense of arousal, excitement and unpredictability. Fathers have more of an arousal of excitement when it comes to play, they usually spend more time engaged in more active play then the children’s mothers. Studies have shown that fathers know how to teach their children their emotions as well when it comes to play. In the article by John Snarey he mentions that children can learn that biting, kicking, and other physical violence is not ok when they rough house with their fathers. This is probably due because fathers know what boundaries to set and teach their children not to cross those boundaries.
Encouraging Risk. In this article it is amazing to see that encouraging risk is really a healthy factor for children. Fathers are a key role in helping their children tackle challenges and to become more independent. Mothers of course focus a lot on the safety of children which is important to but mothers sometimes can hinder their children from taking risk. Fathers allow their children take those risks so they can learn from mistakes and experiences. In this article they have a good example of swimming lessons with children. Mothers tend to stand in front of children to block them from harm when fathers usually stand behind their children to teach the children they can face their own problems. (paquette)This is so interesting to me that this is important to have in a child’s life. Someone who will not baby them but let them make their own decisions 
Protective Instincts. There is always something about a father that makes him the protective man of the house. When children have a father in their life they feel more secure and protected from the dangers of the world. They play a very protective role in their families’ lives. Fathers who truly engage in their children’s lives they monitor the safety and the wellbeing of their children. They really help children feel secure and safe.
Dad’s Discipline. Its always important as parents to know what is the discipline plan. I have always seen my father in my life as a very loving man who taught me correct principles. He was always the one to discipline me because he was firmer and was able to confront us as his children to be more obedient. Fathers really do have a great effect on children when they know how to correctively discipline their children. Children notice that their fathers do have authority and are more willing to obey their fathers more than their mothers.
Delinquency. Over generations and generations we have research that shows that fathers make great contributions in their children’s lives. Fathers can make a big difference in children’s behavior and how they feel about themselves. A father’s warmth, and strong communication skills can foster children’s into healthy ways. Boys who have great relationships with their fathers tend be better behave and get into less trouble with peers, at school and even at home. Studies have shown that boys who are just raised by single mothers who have low quality relationships shows that they were involved in more teen pregnancy, drugs, and delinquency. There is something about having a father that helps us to have a great example to look up to. Fathers are just as important as mothers.
My Father. My father has always been a great example to me. I cant imagine my life without him. The relationship I have with him is a special one that I will never take for granted. When talking about a father I think of my father who has always been involved in my life. A father who takes the time to teach important principles and share examples of his life shows that he cares and loves me. I have always had a supportive father. I believe that because my father has always been supportive in my play and activities, I know that he truly cares for me. The nice thing about having a father in my life is that he has always encouraged me to make my own decisions and he has always helped me be courageous. I am grateful that he pushes me to be better.
                Fathers are supposed to be there to protect you and create a sense of protection from the world. I have noticed this in my father as he takes the time to really get to know our struggles. He tries to council us and to take the time to listen to us. My dad is an example of a provider and lover. He loves his children. If I didn’t have my father in my life it would have been hard to get through some of the toughest challenges. If my father wasn’t in my life I could picture myself not having direction or knowing my purpose. A father is a great example to his children of hard work. Everyone needs a dad, specially a dad like mine.
Future Family. I am on the road to being married here soon. I have had to time to reflect on what will happen in my future and in my future family. I want to make sure that I provide the best for my family and for my kids. But I think an important role is the father. I want to make sure that my husband is a main participant in their lives. I think one way to do that as a wife is to include him in everything that you have noticed or have been feeling and even plans made about your children. I think mothers can get caught up on doing everything for their children and not involve the father because they are at work or are busy. A father needs to be involved in the children’s plans and activities. He needs to know what is happening in their lives. I want my husband to be a father that will always find time for his children. I know how important it is to have their daddy home from work on time and ready to eat dinner with the family. This is a goal of action that I would love to see happen in my future time. I also want to have my children have one on one dates with their father. Their father will be able to get to know them on a personal level and create a bonding, trusting relationship by having one on one time with no one else around. These are some of the greatest moments I have with my father. I want my children to have that same experience. This will open doors and communication and ways to help my husband know how they are feeling.
Overall fathers need to be in your children’s lives. We need to involve them. Fathers are crucial in their development as a human being. I like to think of the greatest father we all have and that is our Heavenly Father. He our God and creator and he loves perfectly. We can’t imagine our lives without him. May we strive to keep fathers in our families and we need to appreciate their importance and hard work. We can see a decrease in issues and problems when fathers create one on one bonding time with their children.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Express yourself

Lets Talk about Communication!!!


Learning to Express Oneself More Openly
I had the opportunity to use this technique or I should say practice this technique on my fiancĂ©e. I have been learning a lot about him and even about myself recently and this activity has actually helped me to be more open with him about some of the things I am feeling. I am a very shy person. I love to talk when I feel comfortable but I hate talking about my feelings. I love listening to his feelings but I hate expressing my own. I realized that it is not fair for him to not know how I feel.  I have for the past 3 days since Monday have been aware of trying to open up more and tell him more about the things I am feeling. Yesterday I actually was having a very stressful day with school. He knew something was wrong and asked me if I was ok. I first said” Yes everything is great”. “I am fine”.  Ten minutes later he asked me again. “Are you sure you are ok”. I remembered that I need to be more open and express more of how I am feeling. I finally gave in and expressed some of my emotions. The amazing thing is he just sat there and listened to me. I think something that I learned about myself through this activity and process is that one of the main reasons that I don’t like expressing how I am feeling is because I feel like I am a burden to him. Or I don’t want to seem like I am baby or that I am emotional. But I realized that he loves to know what is wrong. And that he loves to help me and to listen to me because he loves me. That is something that I still need to get over. But I realize the important of opening up and just expressing how I really feel. It is not healthy to me or to him to hold things back until it boils up and it ends in a big explosion. I realized that he wants to help me and he wants to know what is going through my head to help me. I loved this activity and I am going to continue to use it in my life now.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Dreams within our Marriages

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. But in a marriage what if you and your spouses dreams are totally opposite or conflict with each other. This can be a big problem. I think that marriages can go both ways spouses might sacrifice some of their dreams so that their spouse can succeed and then sometimes we are the ones that get our way and let our dreams happen and our spouses dreams fade. How can we stop this and why is it so important that we have dreams.
It is good to know each others dreams in a marriage. We cannot and should not hide them from our spouses. If they mean something to us we should not let that dream fade. Dreams can cause problems if they are hidden and secretly wishing you could have your way. This is a lack of communication. We need to realize that Happy Couples understand that helping each other realize their dreams is one and should be one of the goals of their marriage. (Gottman)
Something that I love that Gottman says in Chapter 10 is "Acknowledging and respecting each others deepest, most personal hopes and dreams is the key to saving and enriching your marriage" Wow that is a power statement. We need to respect each others hopes and desires. The key is communication and working together to help both of the couples to fulfill their hopes.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sexually Intimacy

I realize that this might be a topic that most people like to skip over. I realize that this topic can make people uncomfortable or embarrassed. But do you know that this is one of the most important things that we can have knowledge about and how it can help our marriages grow and be stronger. Yes Sex is not a bad thing. I am currently reading a book called "And they were not Ashamed". It is in a book that explains Sex in marriage in a very respectful and sacred way. And I really appreciate the way they revile important topics. One of the things that I have really learned is that Communication is they key to a happy marriage and a happy sex Life. we have to be able to openly communicate with our spouse the reasons why we feel the way we do. This is what helps build that special and close bond is being able to communicate dislikes and likes.
Lets talk about problems that happen in the sexual lives of married people.
We have to know that Men and Woman are much different in their bodies and how their bodies work and this can cause a problem in how are bodies respond to orgasm. One of the problems might be that men might have shorter responses and woman have longer waiting time and responses. It is important to communicate and help each other. Take time and be patient to help your Wife feel comfortable and able to reach orgasm. Most times Woman feel like objects in Sex because Men hurry and get done what they feel the need to do. while the woman is not usually close to orgasm. We are here to help each other have these feelings.
There are alot of benefits from having Sex within Marriage. You learn a lot about each other. That communication can really bring you closer. It is selfless, sacred, and a powerful way to feel more connected and closer to your spouse and God.
I think its interesting if you look in the scriptures when it talks about Adam and Eve and it says "Adam KNEW Eve and they conceived." That KNEW is Sex. Isn't that amazing to know that we can come to KNOW our spouses on a deeper level when we have sexually intimacy.

I realize that Sex is good and it is made for Husband and Wife to feel close to God in the most sacred and complete way. What a wonderful way that God has made us to share this connection and to give us a way to share our undying love for our spouses. I am grateful for marriage and I am grateful for the way God has made us.

Check out the Book: "And they Were Not Ashamed"

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Realistic Marriage

When you think of marriage you think of bliss. Ever since I was a little child I always imagined my prince charming coming in and rescuing me from the evil dragon. And of course the famous saying "And they lived happily ever after". When I think of marriage I think of happiness and I think of having a perfect world, no problems, nothing to worry about. Everything in life will be better. Now I don't want to down play marriage I do believe that marriage is the best thing that could happen to someone. I also believe that marriage is happiness. (not that I have experienced it yet) (So I have heard). But I think sometimes we get a little ahead of ourselves when we think that marriage is perfect. I think that we expect that marriage will be perfect and that life will be bliss with no problems. but lets be real. That is unrealistic. The truth is that it can be happily ever after, of course after much hard work. I think because simply we are not perfect human beings how can we expect our marriages to be perfect. There will be problems and there will be challenges. Marriage is a Refiner's fire. I have the great opportunity to read the book "And They Were Not Ashamed". I am soon to be married and I have taken the challenged to read some of this book. The book is Laura M. Brotherson if anyone is interested in looking it up. She mentions that Marriage is a Refiner's Fire. 
Why is it a Refiners fire? It is a process of taking something old put it through fire, melting it down, and remolding it into something better. This is marriage. Taking our old selves, going through hard processes or purification of our souls through personal growth. In the book there is a quote that makes it make a little more sense. " Marriage draws husbands and wives toward wholeness through their complementary and sometimes conflicting natures.... It is a quest for wholeness of body,mind and spirit." Wow this is remarkable. Working together to become whole and pure. Purifying some of our weaknesses and refining them into a holier being. This is only possible through marriage between a man and a woman. Problems, challenges, trials are given to us both to grow and become the beautiful diamond that we were always meant to be. Isn't that just beautiful. I love this thought. And it helps you realize that Marriage is more than a contract. It is a covenant. ( I will be discussing this topic in my next blog post). 

The next thing I want to mention is the famous verse in Geneis 2:24. The commandment that was given unto Adam about his wife Eve. "A man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh". What a powerful scripture that comes straight from God. It is a commandment from God to cleave unto one another and to become one. It is important to realize that before marriage we think in a egocentric way. A selfish way almost. "I need to" "I want to" My money", "My apartment". "My time". Do we realize that this changes when we get married. There is no ME, I and MY. It becomes what is best for us. What is best for OUR family. This may seem simple in thought but in action it might be harder to accomplish. But with becoming One with our spouses we can be sure that we will learn over time what is best for the relationship. We cant always expect immediate perfection of course. It takes time to grow and learn. We cant become discouraged. I have heard that it is SO WORTH IT. I don't mean to down play marriage. I actually can not wait to be married. But I think its important to be realistic and to be prepared to work through challenges. 
As we become one with our spouses and as we cleave unto one another. We can find assurance that you can get through the hardest challenges you will ever face in your life. I haven't experienced this yet in my own life. But What I do know is that if we keep God in our lives he can help us learn. We can be refined and become perfect one day just like him. 

What is Love

I have been learning so much in my two classes of Family relations and Marriage classes. There are so many things that I would like to address. What is LOVE?
Have you ever thought about what true love is?
I have moments in my life where I thought I loved someone. You know everyone has their high school crush, their first love as most people would say. For me I had this kid in 4th grade stand up on his desk during valentines day and say "I LOVE YOU MARIAH". Squirming in my seat, and turning a little red I sunk down and thought to myself. What does that even mean. Can a 4th grader really know what love is?  Is this real love? 
Good Question. There is probably no doubt that you could have some kind of love for them. We as creatures and children of God have a natural ability to love others. But what I didn't notice is that there are different types of love we can have. 
Their are 4 types of love a person can have... Let me explain.
1: Storge Love: This  is a love that a parent has for their child. A love that will always remain. It is a connection through biological forces. This love never seems to fail no matter how disappointed you can become or even how distant and frustrated you become in your child. 
2: Phillia Love-  This is a love that you have for all of your friends. You know that best friend you have had since preschool and you have been inseparable since. Ya well that is the love that you will always cherish. You share things in common and you share perspective. You genially care for their well-being. You love them in a friendship kind of way. 
3. Eros Love: This is the love that most people connect to Romantic love. The love that has passion and is connected to sexual arousal. You think of all those chick flick movies and you think wow they are in love after knowing each other for 3 days and sleeping with each other. This could be a example of Eros love. But It necessary isn't a bad love it is important to have Eros Love but it is also important that it isn't the only love you have in a relationship. 
4:Agape; This love is  similar to the first love. This is the love that nothing can hinder or change this love. It is the pure love of Christ. This is genuine love. A love that is giving of yourself to others. This is the most powerful love. If we look at the example of Jesus Christ. He loved us so much that he suffered and died for us. 

Now that we have discussed each type of love, can you look at your own personal lives and relationships and connect each type of love to them. What type of Love is in your marriage, with your children or with your friends. I want to take a special look at love in relationships such as marriage. 
I think that all of these types of love should be included into your marriages and families. It is important to consider what Love is lacking and what needs to be kindled. Love can be confusing and sometimes can be misunderstood. 

When I think of love being misunderstood it comes to explain the term "Misattribution of Arousal". Ok so what the heck does this even mean. This is when our differing emotions can produce similar feelings to arousal. Lets use an example. You know the famous show the bachelor. Of course everyone does. All the woman in American watch it every Monday. You see these girls fall in love with the man so very quickly as each of them get to go on dates every week. These are not any ordinary dates. These dates are extravagant and exciting. These settings could cause someone to get excited to create a rush of excitement inside of them. This excitement can sometimes be mistaken as arousal of love. Why do you think sometimes the good girls always go for the bad boys. It is a Rush. It creates some excitement in the body and this can be confused or misunderstood as love. Then you hear on the news that the famous bachelor and the girl he picked break up after the show. Maybe because they were caught in the moment. This is what we need to be careful of when we are deciding what Love is. So What I am really trying to say is don't go on Roller coasters with boys. This might create Misatribution of Arousal.

Here is a good test to see if you have an appropriate attachment or relationship. It is called the RAM test. 
You must KNOW before TRUST
You must TRUST before RELY
You must RELY before COMMIT
and you MUST COMMIT before TOUCH. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


What is sacrifice.
When I think of sacrifice I think of the savior. He sacrificed his life for ours. A selfless act for all mankind. What are we doing in our marriages that our selfless. What sacrifices do you have to make as a married person. Here are somethings that might interest you to know.
Marriage, when it is healthy, will include its share of sacrificing for each other. Two people cannot come together in one home, love, communicate, and care for each other without occasionally suffering for each other.
Is the person with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life a giving person? Is he or she someone you believe would trade their comfort for your needs, if necessary? Would he faithfully sleep at your bedside in the hospital? Would she willingly give up her “me time” to take care of you in a time of sickness?
Are you a giving person? What if finances became tight and you had to choose between your weekly golf time (that you love) and her hair appointment? Would you be willing to give up something important to you to bless her? Speaking to the ladies, if money became tight would you be willing to go without certain comforts to allow your husband to play golf (or other activity he enjoys)?
During the dating/courting phase of a relationship, these small sacrifices may seem like no big deal. You may be thinking, “Of course I’d give up something as small as golf or a hair appointment.” After marriage, reality sets in, and sacrifice becomes reality, not theory – and it is often painful. It is hard forgoing things we think we deserve especially in cases when we believe our sacrifices are not noticed.
My advice is to keep giving.
I know that if we give and if we serve we can find happiness in marriage. I know I am not married yet. But this goes with any relationship you are in. The more you give the more you receive. The more you receive that more you want to give. What a blessing it is to serve your companion. Look for little ways to serve him and to sacrifice things for his dreams. He will be more willing to sacrifice his dreams for yours. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beware of Pride in Marriage

Marriage can sometimes be a difficult thing, it is not always happy and cheerful all the time. I think that we have to remember that we as people are not perfect. So we cannot expect our marriages to be perfect. There might be a few disagreements or even a few arguments but in a marriage our relationship depends on communication. The right way of communication. We have to learn how to foster our relationships so that between marriage even when there is disagreements we can all come to a common stand point. 
What I have learned and what I have observed in watching other peoples marriages is that we have to give and take what really is important. We have to choose wisely of what is really important to us. Its more of compromising. As humans we have this natural sense of pride in us. Most times it is all about "me" or what can I gain. It really is called egotism. When we focus on ourselves in a marriage this is when we start to see the problems. 
Do we know what are spouses dreams are? Do we know what they want. If both spouses would keep this is mind, they can work together to help both dreams of both partners work. If we are willing to show our spouse that we can for them and we want their dreams to come true. We can see that relationships are about giving. The more we give the more we can gain. We gain respect and trust in our spouses. I have really have noticed this in society that it becoming more prideful. This is the root of all failed relationships. We have to be willing to put our spouse before ourselves. 
The key to a relationship that mentioned by Gottman is the relationship of friendship. We have to have a friendship with our spouse. As being recently engaged to get married. I have noticed that friendship is my reasoning of marrying my finance. He seriously is my best friend. I can have fun with him and trust him with my life. I am grateful that friendships are the foundation of married relationships.

Monday, May 18, 2015

You can never get enough of what you don't need, because what you don't need wont satisfy you.

Whats the big deal, Lower class or upper class. Do you think the class system has a major effect on families?
I have had the opportunity to think about this.I have haven't had a lot of experience living in these situations myself. But I have had the opportunity to witness many situations of the poor class and the upper class. This subject can be very sensitive to some people and I don't mean to make fun of or say things to offend.
As I was thinking about lower class people that have families it is really hard to maintain happiness and a worry free or stress free environment. I have seen situations where the father and mother have to work leaving there children with less attention in a time where they need attention and help in education. This to me is sad and sometimes hard to get around. The parents are doing all that they can to support. We must realize that there is a negative effect on the family.
Now lets look at the upper class. Here we have families who are loaded with money. Who have so much money they don't know what to do with it. This kind of life style can actually also have a negative effect on the family. Dad is full time working every day and weekends never seeing the children.The mother might be working too but usually is left to raise her family by her self with dad being out of the picture. I thought about how children can be effected. They need emotional attention not just physical attention. I think its important in these situations money or no money we need to give adequate  attention to home and children. We have to create time. This to me is more valuable then money. Money can really effect the family.I believe that class structure does effect the family and be a negative influence in children lives. This can also create patterns in families that get passed on to generation to generation. The mother who gets pregnant at 16 and has to be a single mom usually passes that trend down to her daughter. Or the rich kids who base all their happiness of money are raised to think money is their prized possession overruling family life. This can be a viscous cycle. but it doesn't have to be that way. We can make changes. There was a quote discussed in my class that makes me happy.

You can never get enough of what you don't need, because what you don't need wont satisfy you.
Wow so powerful. What are our real motives in life what do we need to sacrifice to give more attention to our families?

Patterns Marriages and Families.

My classes have been really interesting these past couple of days. In my marriage class we have been focusing on threats to families and in my family relations class we have been talking about how there are many systems that effect families. We have also discussed the importance of creating patterns in our families.
I had the great opportunity to create a family Genogram. Now if you don't know what a Genogram is that is ok because I didnt know either at first. It reminds me a lot of a family tree but you connect marriages with patterns and relationship statues. for example, were they distant or did they love each other. It was really interesting to go through my family tree and connect patterns of why certain people are the way they are because of their ancestors. I have also noticed a positive relationship pattern in my family. One of those patterns in getting married in the LDS temple. This pattern has continued throughout my mom's side of the family because of the righteous sacrifices my grandparents made. It really is a remarkable story. All of my cousins and aunts and uncles they are married are married in the temple. I am so grateful for that. Of course there are other patterns in my family that have been interesting to me. I learned a lot that we can create our own patterns in our marriages and families. I am excited one day to create traditions of my own.

-Marriage is between a man and wife.  I am so grateful I am taking this course, because I am preparing myself for marriage. I really found it interesting this week as  I was reading through the readings how important it is to understand the doctrine of marriage and why marriage is so important in the plan of salvation. God has a plan for us and it is only possible through his way. I know marriage is essential in one day returning to live with God. It is so important to know the roles that we play in this life. Woman and Men all play important roles in the family. They are all different but they are all working for the same purpose. It is only through a man and wife that children can be born. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to foster children in this life. We are the ones that can open that spiritual portal and let those kindred spirits have a chance to live. I am grateful for that responsibility it truly is a blessing.
Speaking of all this marriage really is a blessing but it is not always easy and it must require our full efforts. We must work at it and perfect it. We must be selfless. This is something else that I learned this week.
Selflessly giving of oneself is one of the hardest aspects of marriage. Our natural tendency is to be self-focused: that we make sure we're happy; that we get our way; that we're right. But happiness in marriage cannot be achieved when we put our selfish needs first. President Ezra Taft Benson said:

"Today's inordinate emphasis on individualism brings egotism and separation. Two individuals becoming 'one flesh' is still the Lord's standard. 

"The secret of a happy marriage is to serve God and each other. The goal of marriage is unity and oneness, as well as self-development. Paradoxically, the more we serve one another, the greater is our spiritual and emotional growth" ("Salvation—A Family Affair,"                         
I hope one day I get be selfless and show God I am willing to bring children into this earth.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Marriage Between Man and Wife

Marriage is between a man and wife.  I am so grateful I am taking this course, because I am preparing myself for marriage. I really found it interesting this week as  I was reading through the readings how important it is to understand the doctrine of marriage and why marriage is so important in the plan of salvation. God has a plan for us and it is only possible through his way. I know marriage is essential in one day returning to live with God. It is so important to know the roles that we play in this life. Woman and Men all play important roles in the family. They are all different but they are all working for the same purpose. It is only through a man and wife that children can be born. How lucky are we to have the opportunity to foster children in this life. We are the ones that can open that spiritual portal and let those kindred spirits have a chance to live. I am grateful for that responsibility it truly is a blessing.
Speaking of all this marriage really is a blessing but it is not always easy and it must require our full efforts. We must work at it and perfect it. We must be selfless. This is something else that I learned this week.
Selflessly giving of oneself is one of the hardest aspects of marriage. Our natural tendency is to be self-focused: that we make sure we're happy; that we get our way; that we're right. But happiness in marriage cannot be achieved when we put our selfish needs first. President Ezra Taft Benson said:

"Today's inordinate emphasis on individualism brings egotism and separation. Two individuals becoming 'one flesh' is still the Lord's standard. 

"The secret of a happy marriage is to serve God and each other. The goal of marriage is unity and oneness, as well as self-development. Paradoxically, the more we serve one another, the greater is our spiritual and emotional growth" ("Salvation—A Family Affair,"                         
I hope one day I get be selfless and show God I am willing to bring children into this earth.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Threats to Marriage and Family

When talking about marriage and family it is important to know that there are so many threats against the family. I was thinking about how the family is under attack and it starts with marriage. When thinking about marriage there are things in this world such as certain views that are destroying the family life. We see that there is the legalization of Gay marriage. But do we really realize how much this is destroying the family unit. Here are some key points for this issue and why we must stick up for Marriage the way it should be.
  •  Marriage is something that you cannot change. Marriage is not merely something you can create on your own.  It is a fundamental human relationship deeply embedded and essentially defined in human nature and history.
  • One community of one sex cannot function without the other sex. It is impossible to create more children this way.  We must have man and woman as a unit in our societies.
  • Marriage connects the community into unity. Without marriage between man and woman the more likely we have children who have no support of father and mother.
  • All children deserve the right to be raised naturally with a father and a mother.
  • Legalizing same sex marriage will put us at harm of losing our civil rights to those that do not support same sex marriage. It will alter society, government, laws and rules.
  •  There will be much persecution to those who do not support same sex marriage.
  • From the beginning of the world God made marriage a commandment between man and women. God’s laws do not change because of man’s desires.
  • God’s purposes for us to come to this earth are to multiple and replenish the earth, it is impossible for same-sex marriage to do this.
  • Same sex marriage is taking away our religious freedom stance. People are discriminating against those who have religious view of marriage. They are taking away our rights to many religious parties who believe it’s wrong and making them marry same-sex marriages inside their churches.
  • Same sex marriage has caused a lot of hatred and stir up in the communities. It is also causing a lot of confusion between children and the way they are being raised. Parents think its ok to teach gender neutral topics and are corrupting the minds of the young ones.

I am an advocate of Marriage between Man and Woman. I respect everyone's beliefs but I do not have to agree with what I know to be wrong. Are you an advocate for families? If so what are you doing to help the family? What are you doing to stand for what is true?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Does it Matter?

Having Children Enriches your Life. MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!! 

I just want to start off by saying that these subjects are really sensitive to some people but  I do think that they are so important to talk about because I do believe that it does matter what decision we make when it comes to having children. I believe that it matters more then we may possibly know in this life. and it something that we must TRY to understand. The first thing I would like to address is that Heavenly Father gave us a body so that we could fulfill his plan. His plan that we meaning all of his spirit sons and daughters can return and live back with him. The only way that is possible is if we receive a body. It is our responsibility to create children. So that those precious souls and spirits can have a chance to have a body just like us. I always think what it would be like if my parents decided to stop at 3. I wouldn't be here or I would be in a home that doesn't have the gospel. I feel like it is a blessing that we have a chance to take care of these spirits and guide them in righteousness. It is a responsibility but we should look at it as a privilege. It is not up to us how many children we should have it is between spouses and God. 
I believe one of Satan's tool is trying to deceive the hearts of many couples in believing that they don't need to have children or having too much children is a burden. THIS IS SELFISH. Another thing that really disturbs me is the fact that people have all these reasons not to have children. But people really do make their decisions based off what people around them are saying, or what they hear from governments, the world, and from scientist who believe they have the latest research of overpopulation. People will base their decision of fertility off a book they read or what they hear is best for them and their life. How sad is this. People are not making their decisions based off their morals. This is why It is important to keep Heavenly Father involved in this process. He will let us know what it is he wants us to do. 
The decision to only have one child will effect generations and generations to come. The decisions to have no kids at all will also effect spirit children waiting to receive bodies. Waiting to be apart of this earth and to gain a body. Have you ever thought what would happen to those spirits if you choose not to have children? (lets be reminded that we are talking about people who have a choice not people who cant have children). Does it matter? Think about it. 
I know it does matter. What a blessing it is to have the responsibility to raise those perfect children that come straight from God. We have to have faith, forget about ourselves and follow the will of God to help bring these wonderful spirits to the earth.

here are some links that you can check out if you want more information. ALSO THIS IS A GREAT TALK!!! 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Family and Marriage Trends within Society

This week I have had the opportunity to study in my mind and study in my numerous classes something that is very special and something that I take seriously. The family. When you think of family. There are so many things that go through my mind. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful family of great support and love. Some people and children are less fortunate then me. We see in the growing society that the family unit is simply disappearing. People are falling away from the traditional ways of marriage. WHY is this? And what are the effects?

Let me just address the normal trends of today's society that have taken a hit on the family unit. More people are choosing to live alone or to not date. Maybe it is simply easier for them not to think about even getting married. Another trend that we see is that people are choosing to get married later in their lives. The average age for men to get married is 28 and the average for women is around 26. Now this leads to another trend of waiting or delaying to have children. Leaving this to also having smaller family units. Of course I really do believe this is between husband and wife to decide of having a small family or a big one. I also do recognize that there are many people who struggle to have children.

The biggest trend that is happening in the world today and is a norm for society is Co-habitation. Cohabitation is two couples living together without being married. Its crazy to think that not even 20 or 30 years ago this would of been a big no NO. And now today people think you are crazy if you get married to someone with out so called test driving the process. I believe this is one of the major ways that Satan has attacked the family unit and has twisted the roles of how important it is to have marriage in your life. And now Cohabitation is being taught to children that it is ok and it is normal. The media is the biggest promoter of this. Its important to know what you stand for and to teach your children that marriage is an important factor in having a healthy family life.

Something that Spencer W. Kimball said about the family has really opened to my eyes of the seriousness of the problem we have today. He says “Many of the social restraints which in the past have helped to reinforce and to shore up the family are dissolving and disappearing. The time will come when only those who believe deeply and actively in the family will be able to preserve their families in the midst of the gathering evil around us.”
  - Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, Nov. 1980, 4.

The way that he words this at the end gives me chills to know that the family is really endangered and it will get worse. How important it is then to have a steady marriage. Now a another tough topic to bring up is Divorce. Divorce is hard and its painful and it has effect so many people and children. I like to think of Marriage as a contract. When you get married it is a contract you make between you and your husband. When you usually break a contract you either have to pay money or have to have some kind of consequence. You cant just walk away from breaking a leasing contract. You still have to pay some kind of money up front. A good point was made from someone that Now days marriage can be the only contract that you can walk away from. Its so sad. sometimes its a must and every situation is different. But Marriage shouldn't be a contract that is so easily broken. Elder Oaks said the following " A good marriage does not require a perfect man or a perfect woman. It only requires a man and a woman committed to strive together toward perfection." 

I love this!!! Marriage cant be perfect. but you can both help each other get there one day. I know Marriage is essential in bringing children into this world in an environment where they best deserve. A mother and a father to help them and guide them. You can read Elder Oaks thoughts on Divorce.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Family and Marriage Relations

Hey Ya'll I am starting a blog for my Family Relations and my Marriage Class. I am excited to share some of my insights and things that I will be learning in my classes.
Stay Tune for My First post!!!