Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cleave unto his wife

A Man … Shall Cleave unto His Wife”:

The customs and life-style of people in the Old Testament often seem peculiar, and even harsh, to modern readers. But from examples found in that book of scripture, we still can learn much about proper relationships between husbands and wives and within families.
Old Testament stories illustrate well the point that everyone who comes into the gospel comes out of his or her own culture. This lesson is important in our day as the Church becomes established in nations with widely varying cultures and family traditions. With all this diversity, it is impossible to conclude that the gospel prescribes just one pattern of family life to suit all people in every culture and in every time. Certainly, gospel principles remain universal, but their application in various cultures may differ.
This is taken from the bible and from I really do believe this statement that was given from the church. There are so many family traditions in the world and when we get married we are trying to merge these too lives together. This could cause alot of problem within a marriage and families. 
We have to make sure we always put our spouses first over anyone and anything. It is important to keep traditions in our families but it is important to talk about new traditions to set. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Importance of Father

In this world there are a lot of perspectives that people have on fathers. A lot of the world and society grow up without a father in their life or do not have a father figure for their children. As I have been able to research more on the importance of fathers and that it is important that children and families have a father or father figure in their lives. There are a lot of emotional concepts that can effect children because the absence of fathers. I would like to address 5 concepts of why fathers are so important. The power of play, Encouraging risk, protective instincts, dad’s discipline, the fight of delinquency and teenage pregnancy are main important reasons I would like to address in this paper.
The power of play. Play is such an important part of children’s lives. If you take away play in a child’s life they are stuck with boring imagination and a sense of depression. Play is how children find who they are and what they enjoy doing. Father’s interaction they have with their children play a vital role in how the children view themselves. Fathers create a sense of arousal, excitement and unpredictability. Fathers have more of an arousal of excitement when it comes to play, they usually spend more time engaged in more active play then the children’s mothers. Studies have shown that fathers know how to teach their children their emotions as well when it comes to play. In the article by John Snarey he mentions that children can learn that biting, kicking, and other physical violence is not ok when they rough house with their fathers. This is probably due because fathers know what boundaries to set and teach their children not to cross those boundaries.
Encouraging Risk. In this article it is amazing to see that encouraging risk is really a healthy factor for children. Fathers are a key role in helping their children tackle challenges and to become more independent. Mothers of course focus a lot on the safety of children which is important to but mothers sometimes can hinder their children from taking risk. Fathers allow their children take those risks so they can learn from mistakes and experiences. In this article they have a good example of swimming lessons with children. Mothers tend to stand in front of children to block them from harm when fathers usually stand behind their children to teach the children they can face their own problems. (paquette)This is so interesting to me that this is important to have in a child’s life. Someone who will not baby them but let them make their own decisions 
Protective Instincts. There is always something about a father that makes him the protective man of the house. When children have a father in their life they feel more secure and protected from the dangers of the world. They play a very protective role in their families’ lives. Fathers who truly engage in their children’s lives they monitor the safety and the wellbeing of their children. They really help children feel secure and safe.
Dad’s Discipline. Its always important as parents to know what is the discipline plan. I have always seen my father in my life as a very loving man who taught me correct principles. He was always the one to discipline me because he was firmer and was able to confront us as his children to be more obedient. Fathers really do have a great effect on children when they know how to correctively discipline their children. Children notice that their fathers do have authority and are more willing to obey their fathers more than their mothers.
Delinquency. Over generations and generations we have research that shows that fathers make great contributions in their children’s lives. Fathers can make a big difference in children’s behavior and how they feel about themselves. A father’s warmth, and strong communication skills can foster children’s into healthy ways. Boys who have great relationships with their fathers tend be better behave and get into less trouble with peers, at school and even at home. Studies have shown that boys who are just raised by single mothers who have low quality relationships shows that they were involved in more teen pregnancy, drugs, and delinquency. There is something about having a father that helps us to have a great example to look up to. Fathers are just as important as mothers.
My Father. My father has always been a great example to me. I cant imagine my life without him. The relationship I have with him is a special one that I will never take for granted. When talking about a father I think of my father who has always been involved in my life. A father who takes the time to teach important principles and share examples of his life shows that he cares and loves me. I have always had a supportive father. I believe that because my father has always been supportive in my play and activities, I know that he truly cares for me. The nice thing about having a father in my life is that he has always encouraged me to make my own decisions and he has always helped me be courageous. I am grateful that he pushes me to be better.
                Fathers are supposed to be there to protect you and create a sense of protection from the world. I have noticed this in my father as he takes the time to really get to know our struggles. He tries to council us and to take the time to listen to us. My dad is an example of a provider and lover. He loves his children. If I didn’t have my father in my life it would have been hard to get through some of the toughest challenges. If my father wasn’t in my life I could picture myself not having direction or knowing my purpose. A father is a great example to his children of hard work. Everyone needs a dad, specially a dad like mine.
Future Family. I am on the road to being married here soon. I have had to time to reflect on what will happen in my future and in my future family. I want to make sure that I provide the best for my family and for my kids. But I think an important role is the father. I want to make sure that my husband is a main participant in their lives. I think one way to do that as a wife is to include him in everything that you have noticed or have been feeling and even plans made about your children. I think mothers can get caught up on doing everything for their children and not involve the father because they are at work or are busy. A father needs to be involved in the children’s plans and activities. He needs to know what is happening in their lives. I want my husband to be a father that will always find time for his children. I know how important it is to have their daddy home from work on time and ready to eat dinner with the family. This is a goal of action that I would love to see happen in my future time. I also want to have my children have one on one dates with their father. Their father will be able to get to know them on a personal level and create a bonding, trusting relationship by having one on one time with no one else around. These are some of the greatest moments I have with my father. I want my children to have that same experience. This will open doors and communication and ways to help my husband know how they are feeling.
Overall fathers need to be in your children’s lives. We need to involve them. Fathers are crucial in their development as a human being. I like to think of the greatest father we all have and that is our Heavenly Father. He our God and creator and he loves perfectly. We can’t imagine our lives without him. May we strive to keep fathers in our families and we need to appreciate their importance and hard work. We can see a decrease in issues and problems when fathers create one on one bonding time with their children.