Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cleave unto his wife

A Man … Shall Cleave unto His Wife”:

The customs and life-style of people in the Old Testament often seem peculiar, and even harsh, to modern readers. But from examples found in that book of scripture, we still can learn much about proper relationships between husbands and wives and within families.
Old Testament stories illustrate well the point that everyone who comes into the gospel comes out of his or her own culture. This lesson is important in our day as the Church becomes established in nations with widely varying cultures and family traditions. With all this diversity, it is impossible to conclude that the gospel prescribes just one pattern of family life to suit all people in every culture and in every time. Certainly, gospel principles remain universal, but their application in various cultures may differ.
This is taken from the bible and from I really do believe this statement that was given from the church. There are so many family traditions in the world and when we get married we are trying to merge these too lives together. This could cause alot of problem within a marriage and families. 
We have to make sure we always put our spouses first over anyone and anything. It is important to keep traditions in our families but it is important to talk about new traditions to set. 

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