Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sexually Intimacy

I realize that this might be a topic that most people like to skip over. I realize that this topic can make people uncomfortable or embarrassed. But do you know that this is one of the most important things that we can have knowledge about and how it can help our marriages grow and be stronger. Yes Sex is not a bad thing. I am currently reading a book called "And they were not Ashamed". It is in a book that explains Sex in marriage in a very respectful and sacred way. And I really appreciate the way they revile important topics. One of the things that I have really learned is that Communication is they key to a happy marriage and a happy sex Life. we have to be able to openly communicate with our spouse the reasons why we feel the way we do. This is what helps build that special and close bond is being able to communicate dislikes and likes.
Lets talk about problems that happen in the sexual lives of married people.
We have to know that Men and Woman are much different in their bodies and how their bodies work and this can cause a problem in how are bodies respond to orgasm. One of the problems might be that men might have shorter responses and woman have longer waiting time and responses. It is important to communicate and help each other. Take time and be patient to help your Wife feel comfortable and able to reach orgasm. Most times Woman feel like objects in Sex because Men hurry and get done what they feel the need to do. while the woman is not usually close to orgasm. We are here to help each other have these feelings.
There are alot of benefits from having Sex within Marriage. You learn a lot about each other. That communication can really bring you closer. It is selfless, sacred, and a powerful way to feel more connected and closer to your spouse and God.
I think its interesting if you look in the scriptures when it talks about Adam and Eve and it says "Adam KNEW Eve and they conceived." That KNEW is Sex. Isn't that amazing to know that we can come to KNOW our spouses on a deeper level when we have sexually intimacy.

I realize that Sex is good and it is made for Husband and Wife to feel close to God in the most sacred and complete way. What a wonderful way that God has made us to share this connection and to give us a way to share our undying love for our spouses. I am grateful for marriage and I am grateful for the way God has made us.

Check out the Book: "And they Were Not Ashamed"

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