Monday, June 29, 2015

Express yourself

Lets Talk about Communication!!!


Learning to Express Oneself More Openly
I had the opportunity to use this technique or I should say practice this technique on my fiancĂ©e. I have been learning a lot about him and even about myself recently and this activity has actually helped me to be more open with him about some of the things I am feeling. I am a very shy person. I love to talk when I feel comfortable but I hate talking about my feelings. I love listening to his feelings but I hate expressing my own. I realized that it is not fair for him to not know how I feel.  I have for the past 3 days since Monday have been aware of trying to open up more and tell him more about the things I am feeling. Yesterday I actually was having a very stressful day with school. He knew something was wrong and asked me if I was ok. I first said” Yes everything is great”. “I am fine”.  Ten minutes later he asked me again. “Are you sure you are ok”. I remembered that I need to be more open and express more of how I am feeling. I finally gave in and expressed some of my emotions. The amazing thing is he just sat there and listened to me. I think something that I learned about myself through this activity and process is that one of the main reasons that I don’t like expressing how I am feeling is because I feel like I am a burden to him. Or I don’t want to seem like I am baby or that I am emotional. But I realized that he loves to know what is wrong. And that he loves to help me and to listen to me because he loves me. That is something that I still need to get over. But I realize the important of opening up and just expressing how I really feel. It is not healthy to me or to him to hold things back until it boils up and it ends in a big explosion. I realized that he wants to help me and he wants to know what is going through my head to help me. I loved this activity and I am going to continue to use it in my life now.

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