Friday, June 26, 2015

Dreams within our Marriages

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. But in a marriage what if you and your spouses dreams are totally opposite or conflict with each other. This can be a big problem. I think that marriages can go both ways spouses might sacrifice some of their dreams so that their spouse can succeed and then sometimes we are the ones that get our way and let our dreams happen and our spouses dreams fade. How can we stop this and why is it so important that we have dreams.
It is good to know each others dreams in a marriage. We cannot and should not hide them from our spouses. If they mean something to us we should not let that dream fade. Dreams can cause problems if they are hidden and secretly wishing you could have your way. This is a lack of communication. We need to realize that Happy Couples understand that helping each other realize their dreams is one and should be one of the goals of their marriage. (Gottman)
Something that I love that Gottman says in Chapter 10 is "Acknowledging and respecting each others deepest, most personal hopes and dreams is the key to saving and enriching your marriage" Wow that is a power statement. We need to respect each others hopes and desires. The key is communication and working together to help both of the couples to fulfill their hopes.

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