Thursday, April 30, 2015

Does it Matter?

Having Children Enriches your Life. MUST WATCH VIDEO!!!! 

I just want to start off by saying that these subjects are really sensitive to some people but  I do think that they are so important to talk about because I do believe that it does matter what decision we make when it comes to having children. I believe that it matters more then we may possibly know in this life. and it something that we must TRY to understand. The first thing I would like to address is that Heavenly Father gave us a body so that we could fulfill his plan. His plan that we meaning all of his spirit sons and daughters can return and live back with him. The only way that is possible is if we receive a body. It is our responsibility to create children. So that those precious souls and spirits can have a chance to have a body just like us. I always think what it would be like if my parents decided to stop at 3. I wouldn't be here or I would be in a home that doesn't have the gospel. I feel like it is a blessing that we have a chance to take care of these spirits and guide them in righteousness. It is a responsibility but we should look at it as a privilege. It is not up to us how many children we should have it is between spouses and God. 
I believe one of Satan's tool is trying to deceive the hearts of many couples in believing that they don't need to have children or having too much children is a burden. THIS IS SELFISH. Another thing that really disturbs me is the fact that people have all these reasons not to have children. But people really do make their decisions based off what people around them are saying, or what they hear from governments, the world, and from scientist who believe they have the latest research of overpopulation. People will base their decision of fertility off a book they read or what they hear is best for them and their life. How sad is this. People are not making their decisions based off their morals. This is why It is important to keep Heavenly Father involved in this process. He will let us know what it is he wants us to do. 
The decision to only have one child will effect generations and generations to come. The decisions to have no kids at all will also effect spirit children waiting to receive bodies. Waiting to be apart of this earth and to gain a body. Have you ever thought what would happen to those spirits if you choose not to have children? (lets be reminded that we are talking about people who have a choice not people who cant have children). Does it matter? Think about it. 
I know it does matter. What a blessing it is to have the responsibility to raise those perfect children that come straight from God. We have to have faith, forget about ourselves and follow the will of God to help bring these wonderful spirits to the earth.

here are some links that you can check out if you want more information. ALSO THIS IS A GREAT TALK!!! 

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